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Dwight Manley

Member No. 522 Since 07/26/1993

Fullerton Coins
123 N. Raymond
Fullerton, CA 92831 United States
Hours: Tue-Sat 10-4
Phone: (714) 526-5460

Specialties: All U.S. coins - buy, sell and trade.

Maurice Rosen

Member No. 523 Since 07/26/1993

Numismatic Counseling, Inc.
P. O. Box 38
Plainview, NY 11803 United States
Hours: 9-5
Phone: (516) 433-5800
Fax: (516) 433-5801

Specialties: U.S. coins. Investment counseling and portfolio management; publisher and editor of The Rosen Numismatic Advisory.

Todd Imhof

Member No. 525 Since 07/26/1993

Heritage Auctions
3500 Maple Ave., 17th Floor
Dallas, TX 75219 United States
Hours: 9-5 Mon-Fri, 9-1 Sat
Phone: (214) 409-1313, (800) 872-6467
Fax: (214) 409-1696

Notes:,,, World's largest rare coin, currency & collectibles dealer & auctioneer accepting consignments for regularly held sales online & in major cities world wide. Collections purchased outright & accepted for auction.
Specialties: Rare U.S. coins, world coins, ancient coins, medals, currency, political memorabilia, rare comic books, pop culture & illustration art, movie posters & sports collectibles. Accredited Precious Metals Dealer.

Donald Kagin

Member No. 526 Since 04/06/1994

Kagin's, Inc.
1550 Tiburon Blvd, # 201
Tiburon, CA 94920 United States
Hours: 9-5 Mon-Fri
Phone: (415) 435-2601, (888) 852-4467
Fax: (415) 435-1627

Specialties: Pioneer gold, paper currency, patterns, California Fractional gold, U.S. silver, gold, copper, and pioneer minor coinage.
PNG Awards: Art Kagin Ambassador Award - 2006

Thomas Smith

Member No. 527 Since 04/06/1994

Thomas J. Smith R.C., Inc.
P.O. Box 234
Glen Ellyn, IL 60138 United States
Phone: (630) 253-8223

Specialties: Importer and marketmaker in all U.S. gold coins.

Chris Napolitano

Member No. 528 Since 07/25/1994

P. O. Box 11898
Newport Beach, CA 92658 United States
Hours: By appointment only
Phone: (888) 566-COIN (2646)

Specialties: All U.S. coins, including rare gold, silver and copper coins, bust and seated coinage, patterns, currency, 20th Century Rarities, gold and silver bullion, PCGS and NGC, estates, liquidations and appraisal.

Ron Drzewucki

Member No. 532 Since 12/05/1995

Ron Drzewucki Rare Coins/Modern Coin Wholesale, Inc.
P.O.Box 110159
Lakewood Ranch, FL 34211 United States
Hours: 9-5 *office hours by appointment only
Phone: (941) 907-8484
Fax: (941) 907-2232

Notes: A professional numismatist for 28 years. Owned St. Louis Rare Coins before joining NGC. Possesses a discriminating eye and has taught several grading seminars and counterfeit detection classes. He is a Life Member of the ANA & ANS and many state associations.
Specialties: Appraisals.

Will Rossman

Member No. 533 Since 12/11/1995

Texas Estate Brokers
4100 El Dorado Pkwy. #100
McKinney, TX 75070 United States
Hours: By appointment only.
Phone: (970) 404-1937

Specialties: Estates, trusts and collections purchased/appraised. Will travel to consult.

Mike Bianco

Member No. 535 Since 07/08/1996

P.O. Box 231878
Encinitas, CA 92023 United States
Hours: 9-5 Mon-Fri
Phone: (760)436-3637
Fax: (760)436-3784

Specialties: U.S. gold coins 1795-1933, silver dollars 1794-1935, type, gold and silver commemoratives, pre-1930 cigar box labels.

Harry Laibstain

Member No. 536 Since 07/08/1996

P. O. Box 3596
Norfolk, VA 23514 United States
Hours: Phone hours: 9-5 Mon-Fri
Phone: (800) 869-1869, (757) 622-6760
Fax: (757) 622-6764

Specialties: Early copper, silver and gold. Bust Half Dollars. Barber half dollars, colonials, territorials, confederate coinage, Continental dollars, seated dollars, Ten Liberties. All premium quality for the grade. Better date and PQ gold. All key date coins and low mintage issues. Buy and sell all U.S. Numismatic items.


Member No. 537 Since 07/08/1996

1123 E. 2100 SOUTH
SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84106 United States
Hours: Tue-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5 CLOSED SUN-MON
Phone: (801) 467-8636

Notes: We are an old-fashioned type of coin shop. That is, we have lots of inventory from inexpensive collector coins to high end investments. We even deal in metal detectors. We also handle other types of collectables like gold nuggets, rocks, gems, minerals, fossils, antique bottles, trade tokens, medals, military memorabilia, antique marbles, pocket watches, currency, vintage jewelry, documents, stock certificates, some rare books, and old handheld collectables. These are items I have collected my entire life, and am familiar with all of it.
Specialties: Rainbow toning on coins, western trade tokens & medals. Mormon gold coins, currency, tokens & medals. 200+ different books and a complete line of supplies for sale. New showroom and expanded area, nearly 5 times larger. Past ANA President
Accomplishments: 20+ year Instructor of " Counterfeit and Alteratiion Detection," ANA School of Numismatics and 2016 recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Numismatics Degree. Considered the leading authority on thin film interference (Rainbow Toning on coins) in the country. Cataloger/Author of Utah Trade Tokens. Mormon Gold Coins and Currency Specialist. ANA Past President 1999-2001. "Our shop (3400 sq. ft.) is like a museum except everything is for sale".

William Burd

Member No. 539 Since 08/05/1996

Chicago Coin Co., Inc.
6455 W. Archer Avenue
Chicago, IL 60638 United States
Hours: Mon-Fri 8-4:30, Sat 8-1
Phone: (773) 586-7666
Fax: (773) 586-7754

Specialties: U.S. coins, gold coins, currency. Wholesale bullion to the trade.

Lee Minshull

Member No. 540 Since 07/12/1997

Lee Minshull R.C., Inc.
P.O. Box 4389
Palos Verdes, CA 90274 United States
Hours: 9-6
Phone: (310) 377-1299
Fax: (310) 320-6660

Specialties: Rare U.S. gold, Modern gold, shipwreck territorials.

Van Simmons

Member No. 542 Since 02/28/1997

David Hall Rare Coins
P.O. Box 6220
Newport Beach, CA 92658 United States
Hours: 7-5 PST
Phone: (800) 759-7575, (949) 567-1325
Fax: (949) 231-1293

Specialties: High quality rare coins.

John Woodside

Member No. 543 Since 02/28/1997

Scotsman Coin & Jewelry
11005 Olive Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63141 United States
Hours: 8-5 Mon-Sat
Phone: (800) 642-4305
Fax: (314) 692-0410

Specialties: Coins, currency, jewelry. Accredited Precious Metals Dealer.

David Olmstead

Member No. 545 Since 02/01/1997

Alpine Numismatics, Inc.
P.O. Box 5071
Buena Vista, CO 81211 United States
Hours: 9-6 Mon-Fri Mountain
Phone: (303) 917-8600

Specialties: U.S. coins 1793-1950. Early type, rare date seated, barber and 20th century. Early and rare date gold. Appraisals, broker services, purchase coins.

Paul Montgomery
PNG Past President

Member No. 549 Since 06/09/1997

Heartland Rare Coins & Precious Metals
116 W. Oklahoma Ave.
Guthrie, OK 73044 United States
Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. By appointment only.
Phone: (405) 466-8141
Fax: (877) 360-3946

Specialties: A collector for over 50 years and an industry professional since 1984, Paul has served the numismatic & precious metals community as a consumer advocate, an industry leader and governmental advisor. Paul is an avid numismatic enthusiast. He enjoys working with collectors and investors, offering free advice on the sale and disposition of estates. Paul also owns and operates Paul Montgomery & Associates, a trusted source for expert services within the numismatic trade. His significant representations include: the Federal Trade Commission, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the US Dept. of Treasury, the Dept. of Homeland Security, various State Attorney's General as well as noteworthy estates and receiverships.
PNG Awards: Sol Kaplan Award - 2001; Abe Kosoff Founders Award - 2011

Andrew Pappacoda

Member No. 551 Since 06/15/1997

Florida Coin & Jewelry, Inc.
P.O. Box 15835
Clearwater, FL 33766-5835 United States
Hours: 9-6 Mon-Fri Call for appointment.
Phone: (727) 669-2646
Fax: (727) 723-1956

Specialties: U.S. gold coins; Morgan & Peace dollars; gold, silver & platinum bullion.

Nicholas Grovich

Member No. 553 Since 12/31/1997

American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion
P.O. Box 5810
Carefree, AZ 85377-5810 United States
Hours: 8am-5pm MST
Phone: (800) 221-7694, (480) 553-5282
Fax: (480) 553-5290

Specialties: We trade in all types of gold, silver and platinum bullion. We specialize in buying and selling both rare and bullion type coins. Cash offers. We purchase all types of coins from Indian cents to proof gold. We will travel to inspect collections and pay on the spot, or you can take advantage of our Consignment Program.

Jason Carter

Member No. 554 Since 08/01/1997

Carter Numismatics
1218 E. 33rd Street
Tulsa, OK 74105 United States
Hours: 9-5:30 CST
Phone: (918) 583-2646; (800) 817-2646
Fax: (918) 583-9533

Specialties: High end certified U.S. coins, rare bust and seated material. Rare date gold.

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