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In the often high-stakes bullion and precious metals arena, you can't afford to go it alone. You are best served to enlist the help of an experienced, reputable APMD member dealer.

Accredited Precious Metals Dealers are held to the same high ethical standards as PNG dealers. For one thing, all APMD members must first be PNG members. APMD members must also follow an additional code of ethical business practices. specifically applied to the buying and selling of bullion coins and ingots.

APMD members are very particular about who they consider for membership in their prestigious association. So when you choose an APMD dealer, you can feel confident, knowing you're doing business with a bullion and precious metals professional who possesses Knowledge, Integrity and Responsibility. And the kind of investment savvy you need on your side.

Search any of the fields below to find an APMD member near you, or use a combination of fields to narrow your search. When using the sort-by-distance feature, do not enter a city. Enter only your zip code, then select the desired radius of dealers from your location (e.g. within 50 miles). By checking the Sort By Distance box at the bottom of the form, you establish this as the priority sort parameter.

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